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Daily Dose of Everything

(and a lot of flippen nothing)

28 December 1983

Introduction into the world of Mel, the Australian nut who moved to the Netherlands in 2002 to find adventure...well...sort of.

To be blunt, one must come to grips with the fact that I am not normal. No. Far from it. Why else do I have "It's a REDCOAT!!!!!!" poster as a banner here? Sadism is fun, learn to love it or else.
I am the type of person who likes getting dirty. Who wants to live a little before my time is up, though this is a more recent thing on the grand timescale of my life.

That's me, or at least one of many versions of me. In time I'll be actually making myself a proper webpage, but till then, this is my profile of life.

I do larp. Live Action Roleplay. It's why I look so darned weird in that photoshopped picture there. That character was my first ever in the world of Larp and was a creation based upon what my world revolves around. Muses, or at least my version of them.
This is why I am called 'Muse Mistress'. My creations, my four little creations, are muses, but they are for my unpublished books and will not be revealed until a later date. The fact is that they are muses, four of them to be precise, and I am their manager or...as I stated before...Mistress. I take care of them. They dwell in my head and dominate most day to day things I try to accomplish.

Muses are the epitamy of inspiration. They were the 9 daughters of Zeus from one of his many nymph whores. How charming. But they form an integral part of our lives and most Greeks still believe in them.
Hey, Xanadu was about them! How could THAT be bad! IT HAD GENE KELLY IN IT DAMMIT!!! NO KNOCKING GENE KELLY. GENE KELLY IS GOD!!!


And imagine if they had four half brothers, also sons of Zeus, bad sadly also sons of a treestump. Yes, a tree-dryad. Flighty, unimaginative and just played teases.
These are MY muses. My creations and my little curses. They have been around for many years now and always flit around in the corner of my vision.
The day my Muse character finally dies will be the end of an era I guess. She basically IS one of Zeus' original daughters, second youngest in fact, but can't remember it. In fact most of the time she only has a memory of 10 minutes, unless circumstances are different which is just to damn hard to explain. Come to Holland and larp for a while and you might meet her and get it...one day. It is a challenge to play such a character, but also rather fun, especially when you skip up to an orc, introduce yourself then ask him his name. Confuses them greatly and they forget to kill you.


Confused yet? Good. So I continue.

My mother was married before, as was my father and they both had four kids respectively. This means I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters...none of them full-blood but it's a fact I have never taken into account and probably never will when I have NO full-blooded brothers or sisters to speak of.
While on the family subject, I also have 16+ neices and nephews, all due to the fact my brothers and sisters are 10 years older than me and above and have been having kids since I was 4. So being an aunty since being 4...it puts a swing in things.

Recently I moved back to Australia, 5th of August I flew out from Schiphol in Amsterdam and landed in Perth on the 6th. This is still a weird thing for me as it has been 6 long years since I lived here and everything has changed, not all for the better, but some thing are still pretty ok. The nieces and nephews growing up has been hard to handle, as has suddenly realizing just how laid back and lazy much of Australia really is. I now do a lot of filming of my city and tend to spend much of my free time Gaming at the Perth Gamer's Guild or editing footage I then show on You Tube.

Life is...interesting.



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